2019 - 2020Guggenheim Museum, Artistic License: Six Takes on the Guggenheim Collection in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Frank Lloyd Wright Guggenheim Museum. Curated by Richard Prince.
2016Stuart Sutcliffe Opening Exhibition, Pauline Sutcliffe, Harper Levine and Diane Vitale curators, New York City, New York
2013YEA YEA YEA, Richard Prince curator, Harpers Books, East Hampton, New York
2010One Man Show, Stravanga Museum, Norway / in collaboration with the International Mental Health Conference, “Sense and Sensibility.”
2008-2009Tour of the Hamptons II, Brown Harris Stevens, Southampton, New York Amagansett, New York, Sag Harbor, New York. Curators: Diane Vitale and Pauline Sutcliffe.
2008Stuart Sutcliffe Retrospective, Victoria Art Gallery and Museum, University of Liverpool, Liverpool European Capital of Culture 2008, UK. Co-Curators and catalogue editors: Matthew Clough and Colin Fallows.
2007One Man Show within multiple exhibition event, ‘The 1960s: A Cultural Revolution…Artist to Icon…The Stuart Sutcliffe Paintings’, the Alden B. Dow Museum of Science & Art, Midland Center for the Arts, USA. Curators: Bruce Winslow et al Launch of the Stuart Sutcliffe Lecture Series - Alden B. Dow Museum of Science & Art. Authors and Presenters: Pauline Sutcliffe and Diane Vitale.
2007Tour of the Hamptons I, Brown Harris Stevens, East Hampton, New York Bridge Hampton, New York, USA
2006-2008Celebrity Art / Neal Glaser, in partnership with Rock Art Show . Release of Sutcliffe Limited Edition print ‘Meet the Beatals’ www.artcelebs.com
2006-2008Rock Art Show, Scott Segelbaum, USA Tour in 32 states including Martha Clara Vineyards, Bob Kern, Riverhead, New York. Includes a small selection of Sutcliffe original art and the limited edition print ‘Meet the Beatals’ within this large group show Rock Art Show
2005Prescott Museum, Multi Media 60’s Celebration, Greater Merseyside, UK
2004One man show, Supervisions, St. Helens, Lancashire, UK
2002One man show, Proud Gallery, London, UK
2001One man show, Westwood Gallery, Manhattan, New York, USA. Curators: James Cavello and Margarite Almeida
2001One man show, Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, USA. Curators: Terry Stewart, Jim Henky et al
2000One man show, Beatles Museum, Liverpool, UK. Curators: Shelagh Johnson and Terry Sampson with LJMU Art History Studies
1996-1999One man and mixed shows, KDK Gallery, London, UK. Curators: Pauline Sutcliffe and Kate Kilroy
1995-2000One man shows, Govinda Gallery, Washington DC, USA. Curator: Chris Murray
1995One-man show, Liverpool John Moores University, School of Design and Visual Art and launch of Stuart Sutcliffe Fellowship Award. Curator: Colin Fallows
1995One man show, Kamen Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1994Stuart Sutcliffe / Astrid Kirchherr Exhibition, Special Photographers Gallery, London, UK
1994One man show, Beatlerama Inc., Toronto, Canada
1994One man show, Liverpool John Moores University, School of Design and Visual Arts and launch of the Stuart Sutcliffe Scholarship. Curator: Colin Fallows
1994One man show, Touring Exhibition, Japan (Dela Corporation Tokyo) Backbeat film distributor - touring major cities throughout Japan
199225th Anniversary Christmas Exhibition, Bluecoat Gallery Liverpool, UK. Curator: Bryan Biggs
1990-1991One man show, BBK Gallery, Cologne, Germany. Curators: Bryan Biggs, Mike Evans, Pauline Sutcliffe and BBK
1990One man show, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, UK. Curator: Bryan Biggs
1990One-man show, Barbizon Gallery, Glasgow, UK (co-sponsored by Mayfest) Co-curators: Pauline Sutcliffe and Mike Evans
1990One man show, Sotheby's, London, UK. Co-curators: Pauline Sutcliffe and Mike Evans
1988The Art of the Beatles, Cologne, Germany (British Council). Curator and catalogue author: Mike Evans
1987-1988The Art of the Beatles, Tour of Japan (Seibu Stores/Toshiba). Curator and catalogue author: Mike Evans
1984The Art of the Beatles, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool (Merseyside County Council), UK. Curator and catalogue author: Mike Evans
1976One man show, South London Art Gallery, London, UK
1972One man show, The Room, Greenwich, London, UK
1967Art in a City Exhibition, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, UK. John Willett Art in a City book launch
1967One man show, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, UK
1966One man show, Neptune Gallery, Liverpool, UK
1965One man show, University of Liverpool Student Union, UK
1964Major retrospective, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, UK. Curators: Nicholas Horsfield, John Jacob, Hugh Scrutton, John Willett