The purpose of the first in this series of Limited Edition illustrated books,”Memoir I,” is to provide a brief snapshot of Stuart Sutcliffe’s international exhibition history over the last six decades.

It includes a small sampling of artifacts, artworks, and a short list of essays from noteworthy art critics, art historians, and artists, who document their sentiments about Stuart’s contributions of his life work.

As well, Stuart’s sister, Pauline (Sutcliffe), with the help of Diane Vitale (Director of the Stuart Sutcliffe Estate), shares new material, insightful anecdotes, and commentary.

Memoir II” will provide a comprehensive visual history and anecdotal overview of Stuart’s art, ephemera, and artifact collections with original commentary by Pauline.

A selection of audio clips from Memoir I (recorded by Pauline Sutcliffe) © The Stuart Sutcliffe Estate 2019