2005BBC Television commissioned documentary, Stuart Sutcliffe - the Lost Beatle, Director Steve Cole, Iambic Productions.
1994Backbeat, Director Iain Softley, Producers Finola Dwyer and Stephen Wooley. Polygram / Scala / Channel 4
1991Exhibition, Cologne, German TV
1990Midnight Angel, Granada TV (networked) UK


2012“In Conversation with Stuart Sutcliffe, His Life, Work and Relevance”. Pauline Sutcliffe, Diane Vitale / Consultants and editors; co-authors of the lead essay. Published by Media Junction, London, UK. ISBN: 978-0-9572262-0-3.


2011Backbeat, Theatrical Production, Karl Sydow, Executive Producer / projected West End Opening Fall of 2011
2005Lennon, the Musical, Broadway, New York
2004Backbeat, Abbey Road Studios, London, UK

Lecture Series:

2007Stuart Sutcliffe Lecture Series © Stuart Sutcliffe Estate. Authors and Presenters: Pauline Sutcliffe and Diane Vitale. Multi-media presentation series chronicling the art of Stuart Sutcliffe


2006Stuart Sutcliffe - the Lost Beatle, Director: Steve Cole, Iambic Productions. Digital Classics international DVD release of BBC documentary.
Winner of the Creative Excellence Award, US International Film and Video Festival.
2005Backbeat, Director Iain Softley, Producers Finola Dwyer and Stephen Wooley re-released on DVD, Universal Classics

CD Covers:

1995EP's (Aaron Ave Records)
1994Backbeat Soundtrack (Virgin Records)

Performance CD:

1995The Beatles Anthology.