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Life Studies



“Life study classes were part of the tradition of art school teaching in the 1950’s and 60’s.  This was before the curriculum was modernized and university life became politicized – and traditional teaching was thrown to the wind.

Part of Beatle (particularly Stuart and John folklore) which is actually true is that in the evenings after they had a few pints of beer at “The Crack” pub just down the road from the art college and now part of “The Beatle Tour” they would go back with Cynthia (Powell/Lennon) to the life study room and “class would begin”.

Cynthia would sit quietly in the background while Stuart would conduct a life drawing seminar for John (minus life study model).  Stuart would strip the concepts of drawing to the bone and help John understand structure and form.  Cynthia in conversations (with Pauline) would agree that John was able to accept “instruction” from Stuart in ways he could not from some of his lecturers and tutors – not because they were not good – simply because they were authority figures but they did not have that insight yet.”

~Pauline Sutcliffe

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